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Pokémon Macros
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Pokémon macros! Speaks for itself
Welcome one and all to pokemacros! I'm your host, blackjackrocket.

Some guidelines--
-Anything beyond 300/300 goes behind a cut. Not everyone has fast internet and even those of us who do don't want everything loaded at once.
-No fanart unless a, you were the artist or b, you have the artist's explicit permission to make a macro out of it. I know sites like Pokesho are tempting, but you wouldn't want someone stealing something you worked hard to create, would you?
-This comm welcomes adult contact in the form of suggestive captions (Pokémon fans are a varied bunch, after all), but please warn for anything you wouldn't show your 12-year-old kid sibling (or, if you think your sib is a special case, their classmates). And put all those under a cut just to be safe, no matter the size.
-I'll try to fill in if you forget, but remember to tag your entries. To keep the tags page down to a reasonable size, sort pokémon species by type (ie Flying Type), humans by affiliation (ie Gym Leader, Main Character), and the like. For instance, Team Rocket's Meowth would be tagged as Normal Type, Team Rocket, Bad Guys, Main Characters, and either Episodes, Movies, Manga, or Card Game depending on where your source image was from.
--The "Movies" tag covers specials and shorts as well.

Tags for previous entries can be found here.

Oh yeah, we have affiliates! Go join rocket100, pokemon